This image shows a extract of a Idaso bicycle count report
Part of the standard report on the IDASO core system

The Icoms Detections TMA-3B3 Radar / LIDOR counts bicycles and collects speed data on bicycle paths, and bicycle lanes. The non intrusive technology can be mounted on existing street furniture and the data is then sent to the IDASO cloud.   The bicycle counter can be deployed on a temporary basis, or a more permanent solution can be delivered if required. The installation takes about half an hour, and setup is completed with a laptop to calibrate the TMA-3B3.

This particular site was installed in October 2019 and tests have shown that the voltage has never dropped below 12v proving that the battery and solar panal are up the job. The data is collected every half hour and a report can be viewed on the IDASO hosted platform or the data can be exported as a CSV file to be used in a 3rd party system.

We have also developed a low cost cover to hide the radar / LIDOR unit which can be used in areas prone to vandalism.

TMA-3B3 pedestrian and bicycle counter installed with a solar panal
Pedestrian and bicycle counter

Further information can be found at or for the data hosting look at the IDASO website

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