Road traffic management control and monitoring technologies are constantly evolving. Vehicles are getting smarter, safety is paramount and budgets are stretched. CT Technology is here to help.

Chris Webb, Director, CT Technology

Chris Webb, FIHE,
CT Technology


Chris Webb established CT Technology in 2015 with the aim of improving the performance and safety of the UK‘s road transport network.

Sharing more than 30 years experience in traffic systems management, Chris now works with consultants, tier 1 civil engineering contractors and local authorities throughout the UK and Ireland on a host of projects, including:

  • New road construction planning
  • Control and monitoring of city-wide transport networks
  • Sourcing and implementation of the latest technologies in traffic management
  • Driver, cyclist and pedestrian safety improvement programs
  • Traffic data capture and optimisation
  • SCOOT and MOVA support

These are some of the typical challenges that CT Technology is equipped to help you address:


How can you evaluate which technologies are best suited for your road network?


How can you get the more value from your traffic data?


How can you improve road safety for the increasing number of cyclists that are using our roads?


How can you make your traffic control systems more cost effective and more energy efficient?

Innovation through Partnership

By exploring the latest innovations in real-time monitoring and traffic data management, through partnerships with suppliers around the world, we are able to recommend and deliver the very best technologies and expertise available.

As a company we are committed to challenging existing systems and finding more intelligent solutions that will transform the management, efficiency and safety of our road networks.