Radar Road Traffic Counters & Classifiers

Our range of traffic counters  enables you to complete vehicle traffic counts and classification surveys. Our technology allows you to count vehicles or bicycles using non intrusive technology. The TMS-SA can be installed to carry out traffic counts as a permanent or temporary installation. The TMA-3B3 can be used to count bicycles and pedestrians.  We can include cloud based hosting, allowing you to access the data from any location.

Icoms: TMS-SA Portable Traffic Counter

An above ground radar traffic counter that replaces traditional intrusive loops

The system’s software provides you with a simple to use full data analysis package with capability to export to Excel, FIME, etc. Volume, speed, and classification data can be collected which is time stamped to one hundredth of a second. The unit is capable of collecting data for 1 or 2 lanes in opposite directions up to 1 million vehicles.

Easy Installation

  • Height typically between 1 and 8 metres high
  • 3 weeks from one single battery charge
  • GPRS and solar power options also available
  • Set-up without opening the unit
  • Weatherproof case
  • No road tube or sensors required
  • Data analysis software included
  • Special bracket and motorised antenna provide self- adjustment allowing a very short installation time

A built in Bluetooth connection is available for setting up the radar, downloading data, and real time traffic data monitoring. The saved data and setup information can be downloaded via a laptop or Icoms hand-held terminal.

ICOMS: TMA-3B3 Bicycle and Pedestrian Counter

The TMA-3B3 helps you to base your cycling policy decisions on real data.
This technology combines radar and lidar to accurately count bicycles on bike paths. Installation is simple, fast and safe.

Installed on a pole, the TMA-3B3 combines two technologies to provide optimal counting accuracy on the bike path. It is indeed able to count the number of cyclists in a group.

  • 98% accuracy at peak hours (compared to manual counting)
  • Non-intrusive
  • Autonomous and mobile (can be powered by solar energy)
  • Consistent performance day and night

Icoms TMA-3B3 Bicycle Counter Technical Data Sheet

Traffic data includes:

  • Volume -Speed-Classification
  • Time stamped to within 1/100th of a second
  • One or two lanes in opposite directions
  • Vehicle by vehicle data

Includes Data Analysis Software allowing to set up the counter, download data to analyse the speed, classification and volume.