doppler speed measurement radar

Image of a doplar radar speed detector

Speed warning Signs and O.E.M. RADAR

Compact and very energy-efficient, the IcomSpeed doppler speed measurement sign radar easily integrates into your speed warning sign and other  OEM application. It measures  vehicle speed and transmits the data via the RS-232 output. It is also equipped with an open collector where the  trigger speed threshold can be set to your requirements. 

VMS: Integrated into a sign to warn of approaching vehicles .

Speed Warning Signs: Provision of speed indication

Street Lighting: Installed into luminaires to switch lighting on

More information on the doppler speed measurement radar can be found on the Icoms detections website by clicking on the link below


Technical Information


adjustable – Maximum range:

  • personal vehicles: 120m
  • trucks: 250m
Detectable speeds from 5 to 300 km/h
Detection direction adjustable: approaching, receding or bidirectional
Unit size 80 x 80 x 26 mm
Weight 100 g
Operating temperature from -20°C to + 75°C
Power supply 5,5-18 V DC
Power consumption depending on configuration : 8 to 50 mA at 12 V DC
Fréquence K-band : 24.125 Ghz
Transmitting power < 5 mW
User output
  • RS232 interface
  • two open drains, max. 90 mA/45 V, fuse protected
Antenna 12° x 24°
Precision speed: 98 %
Baud rate 9600 to 57600 bps
Protocol text menu or “machine to machine”