Vehicle, Bicycle and Pedestrian Video Detectors

Introducing the next generation of video technologies for detecting vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians

Iteris: Vantage Next® Video Detection

Next generation video detection that delivers superior performance on a scalable platform

Provides traffic engineers and planners with exceptional vehicle detection through advanced algorithm design and real-time, network-wide data for maximum traffic management efficiency.

A simple to use interface allows you set up zones that can replace conventional loop based configurations for a variety of applications.

  • Low lifecycle cost
  • Easy installation, configuration and maintenance
  • CAT5 cable connections
  • Simple and convenient access
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Automatic traffic counting
  • FOV set up from the ground

The Iteris: Vantage Live! Vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian data service is designed to operate with the Vantage Next system – Find out more

Iteris: Vantage Next® Technical Data Sheet

Iteris: SmartCycle® Bicycle Detection

SmartCycle® patented technology is embedded in all new Vantage® video detection system

Additional zones can then be drawn to separate bicycle detection from vehicle detection. Pedestrian detection is automatically embedded.

The SmartCycle® solution requires no additional detection systems or push buttons placed at the signals. The system combines video vehicle detection and bicycle differentiation in one. Multiple outputs allow precision cycle timing depending on whether a bicycle is present or not.

Iteris: SmartCycle® Technical Data Sheet – Download

Iteris: Vantage VersiCam™ Video traffic camera

VersiCam is an integrated machine vision processor and camera solution

Designed for small or semi-actuated intersections, the VersiCam offers the same high performance as the Vantage® video detection products in a low-cost package.

VersiCam is a versatile, high-resolution video traffic camera specially optimised for machine vision processor technology. The camera offers remote zoom and focus functions to simplify setup and includes a high sensitivity colour imager (CCD) to ensure accurate vehicle detection in all lighting conditions.

The VersiCam solution includes the Interface Communication Controller (ICC) that resides in the roadside cabinet. All user interface functions are performed through the ICC such as virtual zone placement, detector output assignment, and video monitoring.

Iteris: Versicam™ Technical Data Sheet – Download