Journey Time measurement and Origin Destination DATA

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi based journey time measurement and performance monitoring system for fast, easy and accurate travel time data capture

Iteris: Vantage Velocity®

Vantage Velocity® takes advantage of the large number of vehicle that are driving with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart phones. Each Velocity reader senses a devices unique “MAC” address as they pass a reader station and transmits the time and location of the device to a central host system. As devices are detected at successive Velocity readers, the Host System calculates average journey times and speeds for a roadway segment. The device specific network address of an individual is totally anonymous.

Simple to install and set up

Field installation is simple, the system can be easily rack or shelf mounted inside a traffic signal cabinet, or as a standalone unit. Various communication methods are available to transmit data to the Host system. 

  • Immediate access to real-time speed and travel information
  • Historical data for planning
  • High accuracy, simple integration
  • Agency owns all data
  • Collect either bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices