Data Services

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi based time calculation and performance measurement system for fast, easy and accurate travel time capture

Iteris: VantageLive! Web-based vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian JOURNEY TIME data service

A new way of counting traffic data

VantageLive!™ is an easy-to-use, web-based data service that allows users to view activity at their intersections by automatically collecting and analysing vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian data. VantageLive! is the first service of its kind to simplify the process of presenting turning movement count data and has the potential to replace most or all temporary data collection efforts.

Utilising the cloud-based infrastructure, VantageLive! automatically provides regular updates without any effort from the user.

The Vantage Data Engine receives data from Iteris Vantage platforms installed throughout the agency and securely sends it to the cloud. Data and information can then be viewed via a web browser by multiple agency personnel; from traffic engineers to the planning department and beyond.